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Where History Meets Modern Comfort

A nest of serenity and charm in the heart of the enchanting village of Óbidos, Casa do Relógio invites you to experience a retreat where the past and present perfectly harmonize. Housed in a carefully restored 18th-century building, every corner of this charming hotel is a tribute to the historical richness that surrounds it, offering a stay that promises to be as memorable as it is comfortable.

Enjoy the tranquility that permeates our traditionally decorated rooms, each offering a fusion of classic comfort with modern amenities. Waking up here is to open a window to a bygone era, where life flows at the pace of centuries of history. Our common terrace offers stunning views, providing the perfect backdrop to start the day with a traditional breakfast or to enjoy moments of relaxation at sunset.

Casa do Relógio is not just a place to stay overnight; it is an experience that invites exploration. Strategically located in the historical center of Óbidos, guests have the privilege of easily exploring the village on foot, immersing themselves in its medieval alleys, art, and culture. Furthermore, the proximity to Lisbon allows for ventures into the capital to enjoy its vibrant cultural and historical scene.

Choosing Casa do Relógio is to opt for a stay that values heritage, comfort, and authenticity. We await your visit to provide you with memories that, we guarantee, will be as lasting as the village of Óbidos itself.

The Charm of Óbidos Awaits You

Discover the perfect refuge in Óbidos, where each moment transforms into a precious memory. Casa do Relógio combines historical magic with contemporary comfort, creating the ideal setting for your dream getaway. Don’t wait any longer to live this unique experience; book your stay with us now and immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility that only Casa do Relógio can offer.


Our list of Rooms
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Double or Twin Room

17m² of elegance, with the option of a double bed or two singles, dark wood furniture, free Wi-Fi, TV, and private bathroom.

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Triple Room

Spacious with 25m², air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and single beds, ideal for group or family comfort in a cozy and inviting environment.

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